The Bavarian Lion
An impressive monument, that was carved in a rock in 1936 by the German sculptor Siggel. The lion has its eyes closed in an expression of sadness, like a human.

The monument of Dimitrios Ypsilantis
The monument of Dimitrios Ypsilantis was constructed in Vienna and was placed in the Constitution square in 1843. in 1951 the monument was transported to “Trion Navarxon” square.

The statue of Kapodistrias
The monument of Kapodistrias is awork of art of the sculptor M.Tompros and was placed in Kapodistria's square in 1933. In Nafplio, the first government of Greece took an oath and the first governor, Kapodistrias, was murdered. “Kapodistrias” square divides the New and the Old town.