Between the sights of Nafplion, the well known castle of Palamidi distinguishes, an imposing Venetian fortress, built in 18th century. The steep homonymous hill was fortified by the Venetians after a battle with the Turks, during the war between them in 1687. The fortress was impregnable and consisted of eight bastions. 857 stairs connect it with Nafplio.

Inside the homonyous bastion on the top of the fortress, there is still the chapel of Apostolos Andreas, since the era of the Venetians. Near the chapel there is the bastion “Miltiadis”, where the hero of the Greek revolution, Theodoros Kookotronis was locked up.

You can access the fortress through the road or by the 857 stairs. By reaching it, the scenery reminds you another era, until you reach the highest spot, where you can enjoy an amazing view to the town and the area.